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Christmas in Ghana

This Christmas, Bob Geldof and Band Aid 30, a charity based in the UK, released a song to fundraise and spread awareness about the Ebola outbreak affecting countries in West Africa. In response to the song’s flippant chorus line, “Do they know it’s Christmas in West Africa?”, one will hear a resounding yes, in Ghana and across […]

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My First Day of Self-Employment

Today is my first day of self-employment. The idea alone overwhelms me with excitement and uncertainty. In October, my director gave me the news that my contract wouldn’t be renewed beyond the original termination date, Friday, December 19th. I was deflated, to say the least, and caught off guard. But the news didn’t come unexpectedly […]

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Finding Krampus in Vienna, Austria

During my 10-day stopover in Vienna, I made it a point to find the Christmas Krampus on Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) on December 5th. I first heard about Krampus, St. Nicholas’ antithetic sidekick from Austrian folklore, during my undergraduate program. To satisfy a requirement for the honors college, I enrolled in a semester long course called […]

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Month End Review: November 2014

This year I spent Thanksgiving in scenic Muir Beach, California with family. After spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2013 in Accra adjusting to a new home and a new job, I looked forward this year’s family reunion. The respite and reunion were both much needed and passed too quickly. Destinations Visited – Palo Alto, Muir Beach, and San […]

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Ngmayem Festival in Ghana

Hiking Krobo Mountain on Thursday set the stage for the Friday durbar (pronounced ‘dur-ba’) or grand meeting of kings and dignitaries. The morning of the durbar I left the flat at 8:00am with Doris and Deborah to meet a friend at Odumase Krobo Station and walk to the Paramount King’s royal compound near Lassi Park. After snapping a few photos and […]

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The elders descend Krobo Mountain during Ngmayem.

Hiking Krobo Mountain in Ghana

At the end of October, Odumase Krobo hosts Manya Krobo’s colorful annual harvest celebration called Ngmayem or Millet Festival, to celebrate unity and continued prosperity in the region. In Adangme, the local language, ‘ngma’ (pronounced ‘my’) means millet and ‘yem’ means festival. The Manya Krobo region is divided into three administrative districts, Upper Manya Krobo, Lower […]

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